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Signs and symptoms of lymphoma. Click here

About us

Grupo Linfoma Uruguay is a non-profit support group for people with lymphoma, their relatives and friends.
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This website was created in order to give support.
The information, stories, personal experiences displayed in this website do not substitute under any circumstance the appointment with your doctor.

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Personal experiences

Many times we ask ourselves how the first session of chemotherapy and radiotherapy will be, the bone marrow transplantation, etc. Here you will be able to read personal experiences and things that helped us to feel better.
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Our stories

Though sometimes it can seem to us that we are the only ones who have lymphoma it is not true. Many people have gone through the same experience and share their stories.

Something nice to read

Stories, poems, jokes, etc that helped us to get on with optimism.
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General information about lymphomas.
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Useful Information

Varied information. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplantation and more in a way that is easy to understand.
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Get to know who supports us.
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Useful links not only in Uruguay but also in other countries. Read more